fvgazi (fvgazi) wrote in houstonkidsrock,

the ONLY thing worth doing this Monday night!

This is a show some friends and I booked together. All the bands are rad and Stewart A. Anderson will be spinning records allll night. So, bring yr dancin shoes and get ready for a night of punk, power pop, soul and more!

PINK RAZORS ripping fun as fuck (pop)punk on Robotic Empire Records. ex members of lots of bands that are good
ERIN TOBEY really great indie/folk on Plan-It-X Records
THE HOLLY HOLL fantastic indie pop for fans of mirah. formerly known as Elaine Greer and the Ever After
TEENAGE KICKS pure punk/power pop with a 7" coming out soon on Team Science Records

call 713-817-6330 for directions or mapquest it!
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